Transcreation And Marketing Translation – How Do They Differ?


Business has become a global operation for most companies around the world. If they have a published website – their business is by default accessible to individuals around the world. Since our media is so global, it’s necessary to adapt content to properly fit cultures around the world.



The process of marketing translation can be explained by making content appropriate for a market. This is essentially how the company is going to represent themselves in a different culture and language.  You will see many larger brands implementing marketing copy if they are launching a global campaign to guarantee that the message of the campaign is understood across different cultures. Most of what marketing translation refers to is how it will be perceived by the ideal target audience in a different culture. What’s key to making sure marketing translation is a success is that it adapts the style, voice and tone of content but still captures the original intent of what the content is trying to portray while also translating the actual language the content is written in, for example: French to English. Marketing translation also encompasses adjusting for cultural references, humor and symbols that we use in written language.


Now that you have a clearer understanding of what marketing translation is, it’s necessary to understand why it is so crucial to be implementing it into your content. Firstly, if your content is well understood by people in different cultures and you have a selling based business or website – you are likely going to generate higher profits from having well written content selling your products. Simply translating makes sure that the text has been changed to another language from English but doesn’t always ensure that the content makes sense or flows well, put simply, translation from English doesn’t always make sense.

In order to make a connection with your audience you need to make sure that it is adapted to them while still staying on brand in terms of content. Marketing translation confirms that your material will be well understood and will take into consideration the understanding of the target audience.

Transcreation, although similar to marketing translation refers to not just adapting material from another language, but “recreating” it in a way that people of a different culture can connect to at a deeper level. With transcreation you will see much more of the content being changed, or created from scratch to ensure maximum suitability.

Not getting your content translated from a marketing approach can be costly in the long run. You risk not making a sale, or gaining a customers trust because something might have been offensive or not made sense to them. Your SEO rankings could suffer if you’re not using key words appropriate to the language or culture. SEO rankings affect where you appear in Google results which is how your content is going to get noticed!

Finally, making sure you are using either marketing translation or transcreation is a vital part of making sure your content makes sense for audiences around the world!