Chinese New Year


If you caught the first episode of the BBC series on Chinese New Year you can’t fail but be impressed by the phenomenal effort that Chinese people make to be with their families during this time of year. And the celebrations are astonishing. The ice city erected every year in the northern city of Harbin was a wonder to behold. As the presenters mentioned in the programme China is becoming a more popular destination with tourists and is the fourth most visited country in the world. If all this whetted your appetite for visiting China where would you visit first? And what kind of Chinese should you learn for your trip?

If you’re going to visit the capital Beijing then you’ve got quite a bit to get around in terms of seeing the sights of modern and imperial China; Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, the Great Wall to state the obvious. If you want to be able to get by in asking for directions and ordering food and tickets you’re best bet is to learn Mandarin. As its name suggests Mandarin dates back to the time of the Imperial China and was designated the official or standard language of the country in the twentieth century. If you’re heading for the south to places like Hong Kong or Macau then you could learn Cantonese which has a wide currency amongst the population.

Either way if you want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese we can help you learn quickly with one of our native speakers. Please call or email us for information on our one to one or group lessons in London and the

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