Chinese for Children

Kids Club

Tuition in your Home, Nursery and School.

Kids Club is our highly popular Chinese Language Club for children aged from 3 to 11 years old.

Chinese is taught in an expressive and informal way that makes learning fun.

Our highly experienced Chinese tutors appreciate the need to keep kids motivated and interested, and make use of exciting interactive games and focal points.

Our groups meet at regular intervals, with class sizes up to 10 children. We place an emphasis on speaking and listening, and involve physical games, songs, rhymes and activities.

You’ll definitely know your children have started learning Chinese!!!

We can arrange for a tutor to come to your home to teach your child or group of children of similar ages.

We currently operate Kid’s Club Courses at Homes, Nurseries and Schools throughout London and the suburbs.

If you are interested, please contact us and we can arrange for a course to be set up in your desired location.


Chinese for Children
Chinese lessons for Children


LEVEL 1 Basic

Starting Children from the Beginning

AGE: 3-4

Programmes include learning colours, days of the week, counting, greetings, basic everyday vocabulary, and more…




For children with basic Chinese

AGE: 5-6

Programmes reinforce Level 1 Basic and put emphasis on basic vocabulary, interactive games, and more…




For children who have a basic knowledge of Chinese.

AGE: 7-8

Confidence is built through fun games and interactive role plays, with progression on grammar.




For children who are studying Chinese at school but require additional coaching.

AGE: 10-12

In this class children will study grammar, role-plays, conversations and reading.



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