Italian lessons in London and all areas of United Kindgom

Expand your horizon with Italian classes in London and all areas of United Kingdom

Italy, the land of art, culture, fashion and romance is an explorer’s paradise. If you’re planning a trip this year why not immerse yourself in its language with Italian classes in London. Apart from being able to help you get around and chat to the locals the Italian language has much to offer.  If you’re a bit of polyglot then you’ll know that learning Italian, with its Latin roots, gives you something of an advantage in learning other Latin languages such as Spanish and Portuguese.

For anyone wanting to do business in Italy or planning a year at an Italian university to complete their degree we are experts at matching people with native speakers to help make learning the language fun and enjoyable.

Some fun facts about “Italiano”:

  1. Soqquadrois the only word in Italian that has double “q and it is only allowed for this word! This word means mess in English.
  2. Aiuole (= garden beds), plural form ofaiuola, is the shortest word that contains all the five vowels!

Learning a foreign language is a very personal experience and we at Galaxy Language Solutions understand that. That’s why we take the time to find the right tutor for you with the emphasis on providing you with highest quality.  Our Italian lessons in London offer you flexibility at competitive rates.

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