Italian Online

Now you can have Italian lessons online. You can have a class from your home or work place as if you were “face to face” with the teacher by connecting through SKYPE. This method can save you time and money, and allows you to be in immediate contact with a native Italian teacher. You can also fix your own schedule and choose the number of hours a week you want to take. You only need a computer, webcam and microphone.

You could even take this format of lessons from an Internet café. We will ask to you to take a quick level test on line without any charge. After your level test we will be able to assess your requirements and tailor subsequent lessons.

Online Italian Lessons




How does it work?

During the Italian class, you can have a conversation, practice role plays,  pronunciation  and ask the teacher for anything you need. The teacher sends you the materials you are going to work with by e-mail and the homework for the next class.

Can you take the lessons with any level of Italian?

Yes. We will ask you to take a quick level test before starting your lessons.

What do you need? 

You will need an internet connection, microphone and speakers or headphones. A webcam will help but is not necessary. If you do not have SKYPE you can download it for free .

How many hours a week can you take lessons? 

You can choose the number of hours you want to take but we recommend a minimum of 2 hours a week.

When are the lessons?

The lesson times are arranged between the student and the teacher and can work around your schedule.



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