Private Individuals

Galaxy Language Solutions also offer tailored one-to-one language training for private individuals looking to improve their language skills with one of our qualified Private Language Tutors.

We cover a wide variety of modern languages from across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In total we cover more than 20 languages from our wide network of private language tutors. We recommend a style of teaching that involves plenty of conversational practice and acquiring new vocabulary to get the best results.

We can arrange for a private tutor to hold lessons at various locations including:
» Your home
» Your office or workplace
» Online from any location
» At a public place such as a library or cafe

Please call us for a quick consultation. Prior to recommending a tutor we will always establish your language level and discuss your learning goals. We will select and brief the best tutor for the job from our network and tailor the lessons to your needs. If these needs change over time that’s fine. We are ready and willing to adapt our lessons to ensure that you get what you want from your training.

If you’re moving abroad, want to learn the language of your life partner or just want to make sure you pass that exam we can help.

Clients of Galaxy Language Solutions Benefit From:

» Qualified foreign language trainers with a proven background in teaching and training.
» Flexible options to meet your schedule from one to one tuition to group classes.
» Training in more than 20 languages including modern European, Arabic and Asian languages.
» We can deliver training at locations throughout the UK and through online delivery across the world.

We also offer:

» Online Language Level Assessments and Free Tutoring Progress Reports.
» Access to our online training portal to track the progress and scheduling of your lessons.
» Comprehensive reports on student attendance and progress.
» Help with preparation for language examinations.
» Customer Support in the evenings and weekends.

» For more information on specific languages: Languages.
» For more information on our teachers: About Us.

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