Experts in your Industry

Translation is as much about having specialist knowledge as it is about knowing the language. At Galaxy Translation we understand that it sometimes takes an industry specialist to translate key industry terms and concepts in a way that a fellow professional will appreciate. That’s why we work to ensure that we appoint a professional translator with both proficiency in the language and a solid background in your industry to deliver the best possible service.

Our professional team of translators have in-depth industry knowledge and relevant experience to handle your next project.

We cover the following key areas:

» Business & Legal
» Technical & Scientific
» Information Technology
» Marketing & Advertising

Legal Translation

Business & Legal Translations

For Business & Legal translation projects we appoint people with a background in either law, business, or finance.

We can help you translate the following:

» Company Brochures
» Websites
» Press releases
» Tenders
» Handbooks
» Training materials


Technical Translation

Technical & Scientific Translations

Medical, Scientific, and Academic translations.
As with all of our technical translators we will appoint people with a relevant degree and/or experience in the field.

We can help you translate the following:

» Journal articles
» Regulatory documents
» Product information & reports
» Patient leaflets
» Patents
» Pharmaceutical fact sheets
» Product Packaging
» Clinical Trials



Information Translation

Information Technology Translation

Galaxy Translation specializes in websites, IT manuals, applications, technical materials, and localization of software such as video games.
Galaxy Translation uses some of the latest technology used for website translation.

We can help you translate the following:

» Journal articles
» Operating manuals
» Brochures
» Websites
» Tenders
» Product sheets
» Patents


Marketing Translation

Marketing & Advertising Translations

At Galaxy we can help you with translating and adapting marketing materials to local languages including corporate brochures, brand guidelines, above and below the line marketing materials, online ads, and travel and tourism websites.

We can help you translate the following:

» Brochures
» Emails
» Media Articles
» Video
» Online advertising / Banner Ads
» Brand Guidelines
» Presentations



Sometimes no matter how many times you read and revise a text there always seem to be a few bloopers that seem to slip through the net. There’s no better way to eliminate those easy-to-miss errors that to give it to a second pair of eyes. We offer you a simple and cost-effective way to minimize the likelihood of unintended errors slipping into your carefully prepared work to ensure that it has maximum impact. Our proofreaders are proficient at spotting the devil in the detail. By entrusting us with your work, we can offer the dedication and attention to detail that will give you peace of mind and confidence that your document is ready for publication.

To find out how our Translation services could benefit your business send your enquiry to or give us a call on 0333 772 0494